Hello there!

We are so glad that you have decided to take a look at DiscordLink.
We would like to offer you this page incase you get stuck on anything.
For any additional help, please give our support Discord server a visit and talk to our staff.

Join our support server

Listing your server

You can simply list your server by going to the login page and signing in through the Discord 2auth.
You can then invite our bot and add it to your server.
Our bot will have several nice features, including bumping from your server.
You can type "!dl bump" to bump your server and give yourself bump points which will then list you higher in our list.

Fill out the form by selecting your server and describing it in a way that will recruit the best type of people suitable for your server.
If your server is NSFW or has 18+ content, please select the NSFW checkbox.

Deleting your server

Deleting your server is not possible.
Due to analytic, functional and safety reasons we are required to keep your entry in our database.

Editing your server

You can edit any type of input you have added while adding your server on the edit server page.
If you receive a name change notification, simply press save and refresh the page.

Reporting a server

If a server entry breaks our terms of service, you can report them.
Please visit our Discord server and report the server with proper evidence to any of our staff.
Once blacklisted, your server will no longer be allowed on DiscordLink.
A blacklisted server is restricted from the following:

  • Adding your server to our services
  • Editing your server on our services
  • Being visible in our server list
  • Using our bot
  • Bumping your server