Terms of Service

Section 1: General behaviour

If you choose to use DiscordLink, we'll expect you to behave according to the Discord Terms of Service.
Please read that page through and do not break the stated contents.

Please use the NSFW option to indicate your server not being for anyone under 18+
If you fail to do so, we will have to blacklist your server from our list.

If ID verification is required, you will agree to give us the verification role without verifying.
This simply due to the fact that we do not have time to verify with every server we check.
You can however force us to prove our identity (All DiscordLink staff is 18+)!

Section 2: Servers we do not support

If your server contains or is associated with any of the following, we will not support you:

  • Raiding and/or direct message advertising
  • Gore or any form associated with illegal sexual activities
  • Sexual servers containing nudity of anyone under the age of 18
  • Animal or human physical/mental abuse
  • Blackmailing/threatening other users
  • Exposing media belonging to another user (E.G selfies/nude images)

On discovery, your server will be blacklisted.

Section 3: Bot abuse

Our bot can not be abused by the use of other boters.
Though, selfbotting is still a thing on Discord, meaning we will have to add this section.
If you choose to selfbot our bot for bump points, we will blacklist your server.
Every bump is logged, so we will find out eventually.

Section 4: Data

Once your server has been added to DiscordLink, we are allowed to keep your data.
This solely due to informational and technical purposes.
We will not use, sell, abuse or do anything with this data except expand our system.